Published on 19.01.2017

How NOT to set up online payments


You google how to set up online payments. Ads from different providers flood your search. Next come links to their FAQ sections. Then some generic how-to articles. Should you set up payments by trying out all payment providers?

Please, don’t. Our team at Swipe Gateway has already done that. We hope this post helps fellow entrepreneurs avoid common pitfalls and set up payments more smoothly.

What to look at when choosing payment providers? Should you do it yourself? What are common pitfalls? Real-life answers to these and more questions in our guest post

See answers to these and more real-life questions in our guest post on Business Zone.

Published on 15.12.2016

Make your Swipe do custom tricks with API integration


Who controls your payments? Your bank, your gateway, your system administrator? The times when more complex businesses could not use the newest tech are over. Swipe gives the power back to you: you can now benefit from easy payment solutions without doing anything to your custom-made internal systems.

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