Published on 07.09.2016

Swipe is coming to Europe. Are you ready?


150 companies have used our beta, 1000+ more have signed up awaiting this blog post. Swipe all-in-one invoicing and payments solution is now open to merchants from 40+ countries and 13 currencies.

“70% of invoices issued though Swipe are paid right away”.
Want to try? Join us here.

We believe paying any invoice must be as easy as swiping a card: this is where we’re taking you, World. You’ll thank us later. Join the party on our global webpage.

So, what can you do now?

1) Issue invoices paid in 2 clicks worldwide. Create your invoice within a minute and deliver to any device or platform: email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook – you name it. 70% of Swipe invoices are paid instantly with any Visa or MasterCard. The rest will receive timely and professional reminders. Send your first invoice here.

2) Charge customer subscriptions automatically. No more monkey labour and typos copy-pasting recurring invoices. And no more awkward and annoying reminders. Set up your first subscription here.

3) Set up payments on your website. Download our ready-made payment modules for OpenCart, WooCommerce and Magento directly from your Swipe account here. Or integrate our API to your custom website here.

4) Integrate Swipe API with any billing process. Get all Swipe features to work with your existing systems. Salesforce, Siebel, custom-made database: you name it. Find out more here.

5) Register several user subaccounts with Swipe MasterAccount. A team of 200 sales reps or 100 customer support people? Each of them can have their own account with only the relevant information. Find out more here.

What’s the next?
We’ve heard you want to send invoices from your phone. Guess what? Our iOS app is coming out in a few weeks: sign up to get an email when it hits the App Store.

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