Published on 16.09.2016

Your clients are mobile. Now, so are your invoice payments.


Mobile phones have replaced a long string of items from newspapers to voice recorders. Even laptops are giving in: executives from Salesforce to Coca-Cola admit they do most of their work from smartphones. This includes invoice payments.

You asked us to make Swipe mobile. Here you go.

Download and invoice clients anytime by swiping right and tapping a few buttons. Swipe mobile app lets you do everything Swipe web version does, whether you are stuck in traffic, waiting in a queue or sitting on the loo.

No more notes to send invoices once you get to office.

Also, Swipe mobile app turns your iPhone into a pocket-based POS terminal. Any mobile service employee can now invoice clients right at the site from their mobile phone.  

Android version is underway. Email us at with a title “I want  Swipe Android app” and be the first to know when it arrives.

Get the most out of Swipe mobile app:

  1. One account. Sign in once and always keep your clients’ invoice status at your fingertips. Next time you talk, pull it out and quickly see if they have paid. No more lengthy confirmations with accounting department or scrolling through bank account transaction feeds.
  2. Verify your account. Verification unlocks the full potential of Swipe mobile app: it turns any phone into a POS terminal with two swipes and lets you accept payments on the spot.
  3. Let employees work on the go. Sales team members, mobile customer service representatives, truck drivers and salesmen at pop-up stores: whoever goes out to meet the clients can now issue invoices. Swipe lets you have accounts with different permissions, POS terminal lets you invoice clients right away.
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