Published on 05.10.2016

How to get your invoices paid on time


It is the end of the month again. The time when each business owner sits down with a pack of unpaid invoices and tries to collect their cash. Everyone hates it. Let’s see what we can do.

70% of Swipe invoices are paid instantly, in just 2 clicks, remembering card details and offering recurring payments. Here’s how:

1. See real-time status of each invoice in Swipe

Swipe dashboard lets you know the status of each invoice: sent, viewed, paid, expired. It makes your life easier, as Swipe automatically sends concise and respectful reminders to your clients, making sure they pay on time. This also saves you heaps of time looking through due dates and sending reminders for each invoice manually.

Each reminder also lets your client respond “I already paid this”, when they have used a payment method not connected to Swipe, like manual IBAN transfer or cash transaction at your store. You then get to review and confirm that you have received the payment. No more second-guessing and googling fresh polite follow-up phrases.

2. Use unique invoice URL

Majority of emails are opened on mobile, but majority of action is still taken on the desktop, according to Marketing Land. What does this mean for invoices? People open them on mobile, think it is too much trouble to pay and hope to remember it later, from their desktop computer. But they forget.

What if it wasn’t too much trouble? Unique URL lets you send invoices like any other link: in emails, SMS, Facebook or WhatsApp messages. The link opens the invoice with a “Pay” button right next to it. Now your client does not need a desktop computer and can pay on the go. If they still don’t pay it, there is always our “Resend” button.

3. Use Swipe mobile app

Your clients are mobile, and with Swipe – so are your invoices. Swipe mobile app supports all features that you have on a computer. It lets you use idle times in a queue, plane or elevator to spur up your cash flow.

Also, if you meet your client face-to-face, Swipe app turns into a mobile POS terminal, letting you accept payments right away without awkward emails, phone calls and reminders that often arrive when the recipient is focused on something else.

Swipe is committed to minimal invoice downtime. Because we care how fast you get paid.

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