Published on 15.12.2016

Make your Swipe do custom tricks with API integration


Who controls your payments? Your bank, your gateway, your system administrator? The times when more complex businesses could not use the newest tech are over. Swipe gives the power back to you: you can now benefit from easy payment solutions without doing anything to your custom-made internal systems.

Swipe API gives you all the features of Swipe online platform, and is compatible with any current internal system you may have. Our team follows the current best practices and regularly integrates them to keep the API top-notch and up to date. Check for yourself or share the link with your tech person.

  1. Friendly RESTful, not arrogant SOAP

Many API’s still run on SOAP, an XML-based legacy protocol that asks you to do all the work. Every SOAP API is a unique system, and with every one of them you have to dive into depths of what the original author considered to be the best way to interact with the system API was created for. Besides, SOAP XMLs are hard to read/create/manipulate, they require a lot of cumbersome tools to work with and they always contain a lot of extra unneeded data.

Ours is a friendlier new generation of API, called RESTful. It is built around being convenient for you. It maps all the common things you have in Swipe like payments, clients or subscriptions to simple endpoints (URLs), so that you can use a basic set of methods like “create”, “read” or “delete” on them in a consequent way. It’s simple, laconic and works on every platform. Besides, if you’re a developer it’s likely you have already worked with other RESTful APIs — you will find that Swipe API is as simple to use as any other well-crafted RESTful API.

  1. Flexible pagination and custom events

You can filter entries in countless ways in your Swipe API. This means, for example, that you do not need to download full transaction history into your system just to check in on a particular payment or period. Weekly, monthly, annual reports work seamlessly for all available resources, be it payments, clients, products or invoices.

Custom events let you program Swipe API to proactively reach out to update your internal system whenever a particular event occurs. Most common events used by our clients include “invoice paid”, “invoice viewed”, “transfer withdrawn” and others.

  1. Works with any custom invoices

So, you have a complex system for billing your clients. Maybe you rely on several measurement devices to calculate their monthly usage or maybe you have special legal compliance requirements for your invoices.

With Swipe custom invoices, you can keep your invoices exactly as they are. That’s right: you get all the benefits of a modern invoicing system optimized for instant payments, without changing the invoice itself. Swipe API connects with your invoicing system and when your client clicks the “Pay now” button it still leads him to Swipe’s simple payment site, but the link to “View invoice” leads to your custom invoice.

  1. Always pay the easiest way possible

You are always in control. There is Pay button to embed into your emails, invoice link for text messages, full-page payment window with redirect for landing pages, iframe to be built in any page without redirect for web pages.

  1. Credit card information protected with top security standards

PCI DSS is a proprietary credit card information security standard for major credit card providers, including Visa and MasterCard. You no longer need to worry about storing sensitive credit card information and compliance requirements: Swipe payments are protected by SSL, 3D Secure and our card processing center is fully PCI DSS compliant.

  1. Manage multiple sites in multiple languages

Swipe supports integrations of several websites with payments in multiple languages all in a single merchant profile. Now creating a separate page for your new product does not mean more work on payments’ side.

  1. Skip capture: charge now, execute later

If your business model requires to charge the client right away but then retain the money for a certain period to assure he does not request a refund, skip capture will help you do this. Funds will be reserved for future payment execution or cancellation. This is great for escrow payments, pay $1 now and $49 later if you liked our service and other similar sales funnels.

  1. Transfers: retrieve funds as often or as rarely as you want

Funds from clients accumulate in your Swipe account and are released to your bank account as often or as rarely as you prefer. Here is how to set it up to connect smoothly with your internal system for tracking incoming funds.

  1. Direct Post integration

If you don’t like redirects and prefer to have clients enter their card details right on your web page, Direct Post integration will help. It lets you place the input form directly on your website, using your native data input elements and controls to design a payment process as you wish. Your clients will put in card details and send them straight to our system. After the payment, we will navigate them back to your website.

Itching to try this for your business? Set up your own Swipe API here.

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