Published on 06.03.2017

How to let Swipe work with major e-commerce platforms


So, you want to accept payments on your e-commerce platform. You can download ready-made modules for most popular e-commerce platforms and install them with our step-by-step guides below.

  1. Opencart 1.5.x – excellent for Opencart veterans

With an Opencart 1.5x system, it is common to ask whether it makes sense to upgrade to Opencart 2.0x. Most of the time, it doesn’t. While Opencart 2.0+ user interface is more appealing to new users, for veterans moving from 1.5. To 2.0. is like starting a whole new store. This is why we offer an 1.5x module. On the back end 1.5. and 2.0 are similar, you can get them in one link below.

See Swipe Gateway Opencart 1.5. ENG instructions here

Download Opencart 1.5x and Opencart 2.0. modules here

  1. Opencart 2.3+ – better for new Opencart users

If you are new to Opencart, the 2.0. Version is cleaner, more user friendly, and all themes are responsive by default. If you have to learn a new system anyway, you may as well start with the newest one.

See Swipe Gateway Opencart 2.0. ENG instructions here

Download Opencart 2.3 module here

  1. Prestashop 1.6.x – easy to work with, welcoming community

Prestashop has all essential features in place, works faster and is easier to grasp for new users than more established systems like Magento. It also has a large community of users actively contributing towards support forums that makes it easy for new users. The design is based on a popular Smarty template system, making it easy for your designers and programmers to work with it.

See Swipe Gateway Prestashop 1.6x ENG instructions here

Download Prestashop module here

  1. Magento 1.x – full control, endless features, lots of supporters

This is the established go-to system with the most features. Programmers and administrators have full control of both front and back end in Magento. It has a large supportive network of peers, boasts a large pool of functionality and extensions, is easily scalable and open-source. Surely, it may not be as intuitive or efficient as newer alternatives but it compensates with flexibility and reliability.

See Swipe Gateway Magento 1.x ENG instructions here

Download Magento module here

  1. Woocommerce 4.x – popular, easy to support, content-centric

Woocommerce is based on WordPress, a software created around content. This makes is convenient for content marketing. Also, 42% of all stores online run on Woocommerce. These numbers make it easier to find an experienced developer to build your Woocommerce site, and it makes it easier to integrate with other products and services, including Swipe gateway.

See Swipe Gateway Woocommerce 4.x instructions here

Download Woocommerce module here

Don’t see your platform on the list? Let us know at which platform to add next.

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